The earth is speaking to us. As our lives continue to center around convenience, entertainment, and productivity, our planet has been forced to absorb the impact of our actions. This is causing global warming, a sea full of more plastic than fish, and food contaminated with chemicals. It is time to change.  The spring of 2020 finds the world spending most of their time at home, forced to seek alternative ways of getting things done.  With our traditional convenience products in short supply, now is the perfect time to make small changes that we once thought were too difficult, or frankly not important enough. While our team gathered on weekly Zoom meetings (during the Covid-19 pandemic), we discussed ways that we could continue to serve our vision of "elevating health and happiness through the experience of horticulture".  A healthy planet contributes to happy trees - and happy people.  We can care for our urban forests in more ways than just pruning and soil care.  It is about adopting a culture of respect for our entire planet.  At HMI, we are committed to making one positive lifestyle change a month. This month we subscribed to @cleancult so that our hand soap and all-purpose cleaners arrive as plant-based, all natural refills in cardboard containers. With an office of 20, this can make a huge impact in the amount of plastic waste we recycle. Won't you join us in taking a small step toward a brighter future? We've witnessed the difference we all can make by doing our part. Let's keep this energy and power of one going!

And don't forget to check in each month to see the changes our team chooses to make at home and at the office.  We've got some enthusiastic product testers on our hands so we hope to bring you informed choices that will make it easier for you to make the switch!



Our April, 2020 Change

We are reducing plastic consumption by subscribing to Cleancult, an all-natural product line that ships everything in cardboard refill containers.  You can get a starter kit of beautiful glass dispensers, but we chose to reuse the sturdy plastic ones we already have.  Scented with essential oils, these are popular with both the men and women in our office - and they they are rock stars at getting the worst grime off of an arborist's dirty hands! What's even cooler?  They remain completely carbon neutral by planting trees to offset all of their production and shipping.  Can we hear a "hell yeah"?


Our July, 2020 Change

Healthy trees start with healthy soils.  The best way to help our plants thrive is to keep them well nourished.  Contributing to planet health doesn't need to happen in epic gestures....we can create small habits that contribute to the sustainability of our planet AND keep unnecessary out of landfills.  Coffee grinds fill a good portion of our composting bin here at the shop, but home composting systems can really make an awesome smoothie for your landscape!


Our October, 2020 Change

We haven't distributed these to our whole team yet because we are still in the research phase.  People can be pretty particular about their favorite soaps and shampoos so we are doing the research to create strong recommendations.  Here are a few that the McPhee family is trying out.  So far the Rosemary Mint conditioner is holding up well and doing a great job!  We're already addicted to the Love Beauty & Planet solid shampoo and will never need to clutter a landfill with plastic shampoo bottles again.  Solid bar options are popping up everywhere (from Target to Whole Foods and Amazon) so help us make an impact by making the switch.  Like everything, change can be hard, but trust're gonna love these!



Our May, 2020 Change

This month, as our office slowly begins to see more activity, we have made the switch to plant based trash bags. With 20 people and a minimum of 10 trash cans, this can quickly add up to significantly reduced plastic waste. There may be other great brands out there, but these Hippo Saks are super strong and are standing up to the challenge of our workplace perfectly! They are plant based (made from sugarcane) and are manufactured in the USA. We think that's pretty cool.



Our June, 2020 Change

Okay, this one's a little personal, but we wanted to make an even larger impact by sending some ideas home to our team families.  This month we are helping to combat the more than 1 BILLION toothpaste tubes that are added to landfills annually. Just nibble on two tablets until they are a fine powder and start brushing!  Not only effective but's almost like having a little dessert right before you brush. We're sending sample bottles home with all of our employees to share with their families.  This is a fun and easy change that can have a huge impact over your lifetime!


Our September, 2020 Change

DGP ECO32 Bar & Chain Oil has ultimate biodegradability, making it ideal for 100% loss applications and is classified non-hazardous to plants, animals and humans. It is designed to maintain a high flash point to prevent arcing and uses no phosphorus, chlorine, or metal based additives.  As owners of more than 50 chain saws, switching to this product can significantly reduce our impact of negative waste on the environment.  Thanks to our friends at AutoBeGreen, we are exploring many green alternatives for our vehicles and equipment.  Stay tuned for more positive changes using these environmentally friendly products!