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Soil Remediation

Healthy soils are the key to a healthy planet. They provide the foundation for our work and increase a plant's ability to thrive. Our arborists take a comprehensive soil test to establish a baseline upon which we can achieve optimal plant health. 

Natural ecosystems thrives when carbon is drawn down into the soil through the process of photosynthesis or when organic matter decomposes. Carbon nourishes microbes in the soil and creates the conditions to trap more moisture - which in turn promotes better growth. There is widespread evidence that drawing carbons into our soils is the key to reversing global warming.

Check out these videos and documentaries on the critical role healthy soils play in the future of our planet!

Soil Health Equals Plant Health

Sadly, soils in our urban forests are often overlooked as a critical element of plant health. Neglecting the soil care can have a devastating effect on trees that have been placed in a “manufactured” urban setting. When trees are planted outside of their natural environment, our arborists must be particularly diligent to create growing conditions which most closely simulate a forested landscape. This helps the tree to thrive as nature intended.


The first step in working with you is to evaluate the health of your soil. After the initial assessment, we establish a baseline to maintain or improve going forward. From this initial test, our expert arborists develop a specialized plant and soil health care program.

Natural enhancements, such as compost tea applications, infuse the soil with life-giving microbes that nourish the trees. Our innovative approach to plant health care builds the strength, health, and resilience of the trees so they can withstand unexpected stress.

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