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Man shaving face

You can still shave but.....

Turn off the Water

Curbing our use of water in everyday tasks can really contribute to water conservation.  Did you know that turning off the water while brushing your teeth or shaving can save an average of 10 gallons of water per day per person?


You can still plant things but....

Keep your soils healthy

If we had to make only one recommendation for keeping our entire planet healthy, it would be to ensure healthy soils.  The vast biome under our feet is the starting point for the entire circle of life.  The more we focus on nurturing the soil, the more our earth will sequester the carbon and water needed to feed the important micro-organisms that give food to the trees.  Healthy trees (or plant or blade of grass) keep the topsoils in place; give nutrients back to the earth;  and create a stronger immune system.  Trees need lots of water to survive and that can be challenging in a drought.  By making healthy soils a priority in your landscape, you are allowing for more moisture retention and are setting your trees up to win the long game.  Want to know more about this simple solution to plant health?  Check out the documentary, Kiss the Ground.  We think you'll be inspired!


You can still mow but....

Raise your mower blades

Keeping your grass a bit longer encourages deeper root growth, and places less stress on the plant.  This provides a better chance of staying green when it is dry, and saves 15-60 gallons a day for each skipped watering.  This valuable water can be used to water the trees.  We recommend you set your mower blades to 3".

Rain Gutter

You get extra points if you....

Think Creatively

1. Place a bucket in the shower and use it to water your planters, shrubs and trees. A little soap is okay but try not to overdo it on the lather.

2.  Put small holes in the bottom of a utility bucket.  Place at the base of a tree and fill with water.  This will serve as "drip irrigation" and slowly absorb into the soil.

3.  Make your own water by running a dehumidifier in the house.  This will generate gallons of water a day, which can be used to water your landscape plants.

4.  Install a rain gutter and use what you collect to irrigate your trees.

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