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Water Droplets

Drought Remediation

Although disappointing to lose a lawn to drought, grass can be replanted and bounce back in a season. The effects can be much more severe for a tree lasting several years. If a tree is destroyed by drought it can take decades for a replacement to grow to the same size.


The summer of 2016 was the driest on record in Massachusetts, and our trees used every bit of energy they had to overcome the negative impact. The spring of 2020 hit them hard again. 


A healthy tree can absorb up to 400+ gallons of water a day—a quantity not seen in recent months. To mitigate damage and speed recovery, we provide rehydration programs that utilize wetting agents and nutrients. These are injected at the root system for maximum absorption. Just as a healthy recovery drink replenishes our systems after a rigorous workout, our drought treatment is a "smoothie" for the trees. 

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