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In celebration of National Coffee Day, HMI contributed to a Kiva loan, which helped to rid Einsten's land of weeds and to buy organic fertilizers to increase his coffee production.

Einsten's story

Einsten, 34, lives with his parents in the rural Chamanal settlement. This is a small community of coffee growers that is located on the outskirts of San Ignacio district, Peru. Einsten works his own parcel of land, where he has 2 hectares of coffee under cultivation. He sells his excellent quality, great tasting coffee to the local cooperative. Einsten dreams of buying a vehicle that he could use to provide passenger transportation between San Ignacio and Chamanal. To do this, he must increase the amount of land he has under cultivation, and also increase his productivity. 

This loan will give Einsten the opportunity to improve his business by increasing his production with fertilizers. This will also improve the quality of his coffee. With his earnings from this investment, Einsten will save so that in the future he will be able to buy his vehicle and thereby obtain more income to improve his quality of life.

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