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The Henry F. Davis Scholarship

A Legend in Arboriculture

Henry Davis was a pioneer in New England's field of arboriculture for more than 50 years.  This annual scholarship was created in 2022 to honor his life and his work, and further the knowledge and love of arboriculture among our youth.


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Scholarship Application Requirements


  • A candidate for graduation from a Massachusetts high school or college

  • Candidate must be planning to attend a post-secondary institution to study and environmental/biological science curriculum OR 

  • Currently enrolled, post-secondary students studying an environmental/biological science.



  • The candidate will submit an essay describing the impact they hope to make by studying horticulture, the reason they should be considered for this award, and their thoughts on how we can inspire a new generation of planet conscious individuals. 

    • This award is made possible by Henry Davis, a true teacher and professional who wanted to shed light on the magnificence of trees, and inspire people through his love of horticulture. When writing the essay, it is helpful for students to think of this, as they consider their potential to make a difference.

  • Strong academic achievement or a demonstration of perseverance.

  • Involvement in school and community activities strongly encouraged.



  • Completely fill out the application below. All fields are required.

  • Application must be received in the Harrison McPhee, Inc. office by April 30, 2024.

  • By applying, candidate agrees to participate in a informational interview (phone/online)

  • Scholarship award will be presented prior to the beginning of the 24-25 academic year.

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Scholarship Application

Thank you for applying for
the Henry F. Davis scholarship!
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