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Large tree planting
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Experience to meet all of your tree care needs

Serving Brookline, Chestnut Hill, Wellesley, Sherborn, Weston, Newton, Dover, Medfield and the greater Metrowest Boston area.



Whether an historic landmark tree, the tree under which your grandfather stole his first kiss, or the sapling that commemorates your child's birth, we have the expertise to care for these unique treasures.  Structural pruning, cabling (of weak branches and trunks), crown restoration, preservation & protection, and storm protection pruning are our specialty.  Click here for a deeper dive into the science of structural pruning.


Plant Health Care technicians

As our client you can be confident that each plant health care program is designed with your priorities in mind.  Whether you prefer something completely organic - or tend to lean toward a more traditional approach - our team will offer the best solutions to meet your needs. Read more...



As the grounding element of your outdoor living space, a well crafted hardscape looks as though it was created by nature. Whether you enjoy a modern, clean look or rustic elements covered with centuries of character, we will bring your perfect landscape to life.  Our stone artists have earned multiple awards for their work in the New England area.


Tree Inventory

If you are interested in the collective value and health of the trees on your property, we can provide a comprehensive tree inventory. Cataloging size, age, state of health, and location, tree inventories can be very helpful for homeowners and commercial properties that want to monitor care and replacement of their collection.


Lightening protection

When trees have grown to "heritage" status and loom above our homes and playspace, they are targets for lightening strikes.  It is devastating to lose generation-old trees to a passing storm.  It also creates a safety hazard for everything in its shadow.  Lightening protection can ground the tree so that damage is avoided or minimized.  Our team can install discreet grounding wires that will protect you, your family and your home from harm.  Trees are so important to the stability and health of our soil structure, the protection of our wildlife, the quality of the air we breath, and our general wellbeing.  Large trees do not need to be a source of fear. We CAN live among them, with a sense of security that they can survive in harmony with Mother Nature.


Ornamental Pruning

Our MA and ISA certified arborists mastered their craft under the tutelage of industry pioneers, whose techniques hail from the worldwide study of plant health care and culture. This lineage of exquisite ornamental pruning is what makes our service an elite choice for your property. Read More....


Soil health is critical

Healthy soils are the key to a healthy planet.  They provide the foundation for our work and increase a plant's ability to thrive (or even survive) exponentially.  Taking a comprehensive soil test is standard practice in the care of our properties and provides a baseline upon which we can achieve optimal health.  Read more...


Landscape design

Your property tells the story of who you are - what you enjoy, and how you define your personal space.  It is an extension of your home and should bring a sense of balance and joy from every interior vantage point.  It is living art that grows with the story of your home, and is captured in the memories created there.  Whether you currently work with a landscape designer/architect, or choose to work with our design team, Harrison McPhee, Inc. will will bring your expression to life - setting your perfect stage for generations of enjoyment.


Rehydrating a landscape

Although disappointing to lose a lawn to drought, grass can be replanted and bounce back in a season. The effects can be much more severe for a tree, however, lasting several years. If a tree is destroyed by drought it can take decades for a replacement to grow to the same size. Read more...


Large Tree Planting

Large tree planting is generally offered by a small number of tree service companies.  It takes acute horticultural knowledge and a strong understanding of the soil conditions to give this large investment the best chance for survival. First, we make sure that the right plant is being chosen for the right place.  Nothing can hinder the long term success of a tree like planting it in conditions not meant to support it.  Next, selecting a healthy tree and properly preparing it for planting is critical.  After settling the tree into its location, attentive aftercare - particularly for the first few years - helps the tree acclimate and thrive in its new surroundings.  Our team of plant health care experts see to it that your investment is protected by setting up a proper after-care plan. 

Stewards - Athletes - Visionaries - Artists - Scientists ... WE ARE ARBORISTS

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