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Whether an historic landmark tree, the tree under which your grandfather stole his first kiss, or the sapling that commemorates your child's birth, we have the expertise to care for these unique treasures.  Structural pruning, cabling (of weak branches and trunks), crown restoration, preservation & protection, and storm protection pruning are our specialty.


As our client you can be confident that each plant health care program is designed with your priorities in mind.  Whether you prefer something completely organic - or tend to lean toward a more traditional approach - our team will offer the best solutions to meet your needs. All clients' properties are evaluated during the course of the season and recommendations are made as necessary, and with our renewal process at the start of each new year.  For those who want an escalated level of attention, our customized THRIVE program is designed to offer V.I.P. service by scheduling regular visits to your property.  This allows our certified plant health care technicians to effectively monitor progress and quickly address any challenges. We are always happy respond to any request to visit your property and discuss any questions you have about your current program.


As the grounding element of your outdoor living space, a well crafted hardscape looks as though it was created by nature. Whether you enjoy a modern, clean look or rustic elements covered with centuries of character, we will bring your perfect landscape to life.  Our stone artists have earned multiple awards for their work in the New England area.


1981 was the last time we saw the gypsy moth in quantities that rivaled the 2016 summer invasion.  Healthy trees can sustain one season of defoliation, but are often in dire straights if attacked for two.  Luckily, due to a wet spring in 2017, many of the gypsy moths were destroyed by a predatory fungus.  Predictions were that the populations would be much reduced in 2018. This was only partially true.  Those locations hardest hit did not see complete relief...and we are now evaluating properties for 2019 to help eradicate this pest and preserve your trees.  For more information on how to recognize signs of winter moth or gypsy moth on your property, click here.  


Our MA and ISA certified arborists mastered their craft under the tutelage of industry pioneers, whose techniques hail from the worldwide study of plant health care and culture. This lineage of exquisite ornamental pruning is what makes our service an elite choice for your property. 


Just like humans, plants need nourishment to thrive.  A healthy fertilization program will increase your landscape's vigor - particularly during our harsh New England winters.  Our certified arborists will evaluate your landscape and identify those plants that may benefit from an extra dose of TLC.  The ultimate goal is ensure their longevity and offer enjoyment well into future generations.

The 2016 summer drought put a significant strain on many of our trees and shrubs, the effects of which we are still experiencing.  As a result, a specialized formula of nutrients that nourish and hydrate the tree is often in order.  Think of this as the trees' post work out energy drink!  Our plant health care technicians would be happy to answer any questions you have about treatment modifications during this ongoing recovery period.


Your property tells the story of who you are - what you enjoy, and how you define your personal space.  It is an extension of your home and should bring a sense of balance and joy from every interior vantage point.  It is living art that grows with the story of your home, and is captured in the memories created there.  Whether you currently work with a landscape designer/architect, or choose to work with our design team, Harrison McPhee, Inc. will will bring your expression to life - setting your perfect stage for generations of enjoyment.


Although disappointing to lose a lawn to drought, grass can be replanted and bounce back in a season. If a tree is destroyed by drought it can take decades to replace. The summer of 2016 was the driest on record in Massachusetts and our trees are using every bit of energy they have to overcome the negative impact.  A healthy tree can absorb up to 400+ gallons of water a day - a quantity they certainly haven't seen in recent months.  The effects of droughts can be seen for many years.  To mitigate the damage and speed recovery, trees benefit from some extra hydration. Just as a healthy recovery drink replenishes the system after a rigorous workout, our drought treatment is a "smoothie" for the trees. Wetting agents break up surface tension of compacted soil and allow nutrient enhanced moisture to be targeted to the root systems.


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