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The Harrison McPhee, Inc. Team

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About Harrison McPhee Inc.

The INs and OUTs


Challenges and Rewards

HMI grew out of a thirst for doing things differently. Work should express your passion, generate creative clarity, and reflect your raison d'etre. Call us crazy... but the bulk of a work day should be filled with rewarding challenges and enlightening experiences.


The Ideal Candidate

HMI takes pride in caring for trees and accepts ownership for our decisions. Your unique values are reflected in the art of tree trimming. Recognize how you contribute to the greater good by bringing your distinct qualities to our team. The strengths our team has in common:

  • Integrity

  • Humility

  • Altruism

  • Collaborative Work Style

  • Successful Track Record

  • You See the Forest for the Trees


Core Values

Each day, HMI looks for opportunities to live our core values:

  • Operate with Integrity

  • Express Gratitude

  • Honor Safety

  • Demonstrate Excellence

  • Foster Learning

  • Protect our Natural Resources

  • Enjoy the Journey


The Right Fit

Ready to join our team?
We are looking for the right people to fill the following positions:

  • Crew Member

  • Arborist Crew Lead

  • Sales Arborist

  • Interns

Contact Us to find out more!

Compensation and Benefits

  • Health and Dental Benefits

  • 401k Profit Sharing Program

  • Continuing Education Opportunities

  • Year Round Employment

  • Annual Tool Allowance

  • CDL Bonus

  • Phone Stipend

  • Employee Massage Program

It's all about having the right people on the bus!

Our 25 person team carries over 400 years of experience. 


Trees are our passion and our trade is our pride. We care for the finest historic trees, on some of the most prestigious properties in the Boston area, dating back to time of Olmstead’s influence on the region.  This is the arboriculture that most arborists only dream of.  Our views from our typical day on the job beat those of any C-Suite out there.


Yup, we’ve got all of the expected perks and benefits like health and dental, 401k, phones, computers and cars….but what we really get jazzed about are those everyday pick me ups like a company massage account, free ice cream summers, annual car detailing, professional development reimbursement, a stellar selection of office coffee, and the best swag package East of the Mississippi!


It’s all about the culture around here.  We dream big, work hard, and go home happy.  Life is too short to linger in the status quo.  The right candidate must be “chippin’ what we’re prunin’” if you get our drift. 


If you think we’re speaking your language and see your career as something about more than just the tree work, we just might be a good match for your next leg of the amazing journey called life.  


Our sales team is looking to expand by one, perfectly suited candidate.  The right person is our first priority, but we’re spot on when we say that this sales position comes with some high standards. 

  • Significant experience is a must – a proven track record of managing a $1,000,000+ in revenue is preferred.

  • Extensive knowledge of tree preservation, soil science, specialty pruning, hazard evaluation and long-term care are strong expectations by our discriminating clientele. 

  • Fluency in the use of electronics is necessary, and solid time management skills are going to put you in that happy state of “flow” we strive to maintain.

  • You’ve got to LOVE what you do. Sales and client care is not for everyone.  It requires a balance of tenacity and compassion.  Our mission is to elevate happiness through the experience of horticulture, and the ideal candidate will find that our values align with hers/his, making this a rewarding way to spend her/his day.

If you think the qualities you would bring to this position are a match for us, fill out an application today!


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