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Dormant Season Pruning

This is the ideal time for tree pruning and rejuvenation pruning of overgrown shrubs.

*Less chance of disease spread

*Easier to see tree structure

*Easier access for equipment and less potential damage to lawns and garden beds when trees are dormant and ground is frozen.

*Perfect time for rejuvenation pruning of overgrown shrubs

Tree Removals

Try to plan your removals for the winter.

*Pruning can be efficient without leaves on the trees


Renew Your Plant Health Care Program

Plant health care renewals are mailed out at the first of the year.  These include standard treatments like Gypsy Moth, Tick and fungicides; as well as specialty services your trees may require.  This is also the time to renew (or establish) a THRIVE Monitoring program, which includes regular property visits, by our Plant Health Care Technicians, to tack plant health activity and treat on the spot if necessary.


Plant Health Care

The bulk of April/May services

*Insect and Mite Control

*Sub Surface Fertilizer

*Horticultural Oils

*Disease Control

*Tick Treatments Begin

Landscape Installations

It is NEVER too early to plan ahead for next year!

Water Water Water those plants to get them established!


Unopened buds contain the bulk of a tree's energy.  And newly expanded leaves are working hard to provide the plant with much needed energy.  Pruning now will cut off "the solar collectors" that produce that energy!

How early should I start planning for work to be done?

Now is the time to meet with your arborist to discuss fall planting, schedule winter removals, or begin discussing new landscape designs for the following year.  Generally, our crews are book out 6-8 weeks at this time.  Getting a leg up on fall projects will help secure a more timely spot on the calendar.


Plant Health Care​


*Tick Treatments Continue

*Thrive Visits

(our concierge plant monitoring service)

*Insect and Disease Control Continues

*Poison Ivy Treatments

*Check trees and shrubs for adequate hydration (water)

Landscape Work

Everything EXCEPT Planting!

*Shrub Pruning


*Hardscaping (patios, walkways)

Why shouldn't I plant things now?

The goal is to get everything planted in the sprint - and well watered before the hot, summer months arrive.  Planting in July and August should be avoided whenever possible.


Annual Check Ups

Set yourself up for success!

*Set up a maintenance plan for your property

*Schedule your Dormant Season Pruning

*Create a new site plan with our landscape designer

*Get your projects on our calendar!

Planting and Transplanting

Trees, Shrubs and Lawns

The fall is a great time for planting and transplanting.  The cooler temperatures and additional rainfall create a good season for root growth and regeneration.

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