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May 5, 2020

After a six week shutdown, honoring the Governor's request to shelter at home, we are back in the field doing what we love.  We are operating with an increased safety protocol, which includes strict adherence to government guidelines regarding Covid-19.


Is it safer working outside?

Although it is generally safer to be working outdoors among the trees, there are still aspects of our day that put us in closer proximity to others.  To address this, we have instituted the following company protocol.

*  Our crews bring lunches to avoid unnecessary trips to stores

*  We have staggered start times to limit the number of people at the shop

*  Each crew member is assigned his own vehicle - one person per vehicle

*  Trucks are sanitized each day

*  Each truck is outfitted with a sanitation kit and washing station

*  All crew members have masks and gloves with them

*  No crew members will approach clients or knock on doors

*  Gloves are worn when filling the trucks at gas stations

*  Time inside the shop is limited to essential business by crew leaders only

*  Masks are worn at all times in the shop

*  Disposable germ barriers are replaced on all common surfaces in shop daily

*  Our office staff works in separate office spaces/distanced greater than 6'


Our client care team is still meeting with clients via phone, video, and site visits to keep your projects moving along.  Masks and social distancing protocol is followed.


Please reach out with any questions or concerns....or new landscape ideas you have brewing.  There's nothing like spending some time at home to get the creative juices flowing and our design team is ready to bring those ideas to life!


The best way to reach out is to contact our office email at: and put HMI Work Schedule in the subject line. You can also reach out to Steve Vernon, our Team Leader of Operations/Scheduling at:


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