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As our client you can be confident that each plant health care program is designed with your priorities in mind.  Whether you prefer something completely organic - or tend to lean toward a more traditional approach - our team will offer the best solutions to meet your needs. All clients' properties are evaluated during the course of the season and recommendations are made as necessary, and with our renewal process at the start of each new year.  For those who want an escalated level of attention, our customized THRIVE program is designed to offer V.I.P. service by scheduling regular monitoring visits to your property.  This allows our certified plant health care technicians to quickly address any challenges before they escalate. We are always happy respond to any request to visit your property and discuss any questions you have about your current program.

What is Thrive? 


Thrive is defined this way : (of a child, animal, or plant) grow or develop well or vigorously.

"the new plant thrived with the proper care"

  • prosper; flourish.

HMI’s advanced plant health care program is designed to embody the word Thrive in relation to your plants and landscape. For those looking for an elevated level of care, our Thrive program ensures that one of our plant health care experts will monitor and treat most pest insect and disease issues as they happen throughout the growing season. Traditional plant health care plans use target treatments to control and manage pests and disease in the urban landscape. Target treatments, while effective in the short term, are a reactionary way to treat and manage your landscape. Using an integrated pest management approach (IPM), our plant health care experts will use an ecosystem based approach that focuses on long term health of the property through a monitor program throughout the growing season. Because the plant health care technician is on your property on a set schedule, this means issues are addressed in a proactive manner rather than reactionary. Your arborist can discuss your priorities for your landscape to customize a  plan for the year.   

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