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A Walk With the Arborist - Barbados Edition

In this episode, Scott explains some air layering propagation we came upon on our walk through the Andromeda Botanic Gardens on the island of Barbados.

Our Walk With the Arborist series is a way for you to tap into our hiking adventures and see, first hand, what it is like to be married to an arborist! I think the idea came to me when we were climbing Mt. Chocorua. We set off climbing, what would easily be a 9 hour hike.

We had a long day ahead and were filled with enthusiasm for some amazing scenery. The problem was, Scott stopped (literally about every three steps) to comment on another exciting feature of the forest and its trees! There was always something to point out, admire, or recognize as the language of nature.

We had to find a happy medium between trails covered and subjects covered, but we finally figured it out and I decided that I shouldn't be the only one who benefits from these great tidbits of information!

An so.....A Walk With the Arborist was born. Our production quality is humble but you're right there with us - bathing in nature and capturing the stories that the forest wants to tell us.

Happy Hiking!

To join us on more adventures, visit our YouTube channel or follow us on Instagram!


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