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Don't Let Mowers Kill Your Trees!

Mower and string trimmer damage are among the leading causes of tree decline and death.

Every time a mower nicks the trunk of a tree it damages the outer protective layer of the bark. This exposes the inner layer of bark (cambium) through which vital nutrients are absorbed and carried to the rest of the tree.

When compromised, the cambium cannot nourish the tree, which causes a greater risk of death.

There are several ways to protect trees from this accidental damage.

A generous mulch ring, not only provides key nutrients within the drip line of the tree, but also creates a natural barrier to the trunk. Grass under a tree, will only compete for those nutrients from the soil, and often won't perform well anyway. Removing it from that area is better for the health of both grass and the tree. When young, tree stakes are also helpful to provide a visual barrier to prevent damage.

Tree guards are an additional measure to protect the bark from anything that might bump into it. The picture below shows a young tree in a public park.

The picture below illustrates a healthy tree with a substantial mulch bed under the drip line. Notice the mulch does NOT climb up the tree trunk - the root flares are still visible and prominent - but the thick layer of nutrients within the mulch bed is supporting a healthy tree......AND the grass (in its appropriate place) looks amazing!

And finally, a decorative approach to protecting trees is to create a "no mow" area of seasonal color.

Proper planting and protection are vital to the preservation of your valuable landscape assets. We are here to help!


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