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What Is An Arborist?

Among evidence of global warming, extreme weather patterns, and rising numbers of auto-immune diseases, many people are starting to question how our behavior as a society, has contributed to these growing concerns. As a result, the need for environmentally centered careers explode across the world. Never has it been more imperative that our workforce contain professionals dedicated to studying, caring for, and healing our natural environment, and in turn, improving our declining health. Only by recognizing the symbiotic relationship we have with the earth, will we find balance in our own health - and effectively steward our planet for generations to come.

We here at Harrison McPhee, Inc., are playing our part in caring for our planet through responsible care of our urban forests.

Where "Forestry" is a more commonly recognized term, "Urban Forestry" is relatively unknown. An professional arborist is an "Urban Forester" who cares for trees in an urban (or manufactured) environment. This presents a host of challenges not seen in a tree's native environment. For example: construction damage, tree isolation, widespread lawn areas, and chemical treatments all contribute to the stresses of a tree in a non-native environment. Although this can provide aesthetic value to a community, the trees' chance of survival is diminished if not cared for in ways unique to an urban environment. An arborist specializes in this unique care.

Check out our company publication, outlining the rewarding career we call Arboriculture. Maybe you - or someone you know - would like to join the growing movement of professionals who care for the largest organisms on the planet.


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