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HMI Sends Joy to Team Member's Home Country

Our team member, José hadn't been back to his home country of El Salvador for 20 years. Needless to say his family had expanded quite a bit since the last time he was there as an 18 year old young man. Grateful for the opportunities he has had as an American resident (and now citizen), he wanted to give back to those less fortunate and help his children learn more about their history.

José and his family made the long journey over the holidays, bringing money donated by family, friends and the HMI crew. With the money José collected, he was able to compile gift baskets of food and clothing for over 25 people.

José's cousin, Jovani, (who lives in El Salvador) was able to organize the "gratitude tour", identifying families in need before José arrived. "It was an incredible experience for my children, who couldn't believe that I grew up in a place that was so different from their home. They want to return to help more people in the future", José said proudly. "It is a beautiful country that everyone should have a chance to experience."

Way to go, José! HMI is so proud of your giving spirit and we are honored you included us in this event!

Scott McPhee sends José off with donations from the company and its employees

Scott McPhee wishes José a bon voyage with donations from the company and its employees.

José and his cousin, xxx, head out to deliver gifts to those in need.

José and his cousin, Jovani, head out on their "gratitude tour".

Bringing gift baskets filled with food and clothing supplies.

Many people are living in the most basic conditions - sharing makeshift homes with several families.

"Their gratitude was overwhelming. Many of them were in tears and just kept thanking us over and over."

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