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Team Training at Unity Farm Sanctuary

Ongoing education is part of our culture, and this month's training was extra special! Held at the Unity Farm Sanctuary in Sherborn, MA, our day began early, climbing high into the majestic trees overlooking the property. Our own, Kyle Donaldson, Master Trainer for North American Training Solutions, led a workshop on new climbing techniques - which gave our crews the chance to ascend into the trees with the latest safety and technical gear.

Kyle performs a safety briefing and discusses the training agenda.

Our crews looked like they were setting up a Maypole!

It looked like our arborists were creating a Maypole!

Once we were in the tree, we had a little fun and got some great photos.

We had some very curious onlookers!

Paul was inspired by the yoga class that arrived at the farm that morning, so he decided to do a little inversion climbing.....or at least that was his story!

Once we got the blood flowing, the day was off to an energetic start and we moved inside for some thought provoking discussion and strategic planning. A thought from Simon Sinek got us started....

We aren't really a group that sits in one spot for too long, so our forward progress was peppered with prizes, farm tours, and a trail hike to the tree house on-site!

And after all of that activity, we rounded out the day with our afternoon wrap-up session on the lawn. We look pretty relaxed here but we got some major goal setting accomplished - and were re-energized to return after Labor Day weekend.

We are so impressed with the amazing work that Unity Farm Sanctuary is doing. They have a clear vision and hearts as big as they come. Thank you for sharing your passion with our community!

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