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Celebrating 2022!

With a mission to: Elevate health and happiness through the experience of arboriculture, we are grateful for a year of rewarding projects, an amazing team, and the opportunity to make mindful connections with our urban forests.

<We safely completed 2,784 jobs

(above right) We started the Henry Davis Educational Scholarship. Here, Scott shakes hands with Carlson Cantorregi, our first scholarship recipient after planting a Swamp White Oak in honor of the occasion. A tree will be planted each year to accompany the financial gift to a student. For more info on the Henry Davis Scholarship, click here.

We donated 170+ hours to our communities and trade associations and provided financial sponsorships to Planet Passionate Organizations.

We participated in 600+ hours of professional training and gave more than 25 hours of presentations to homeowners, students, and tree care professionals.

We planted 400+ New Trees!

And most importantly, we had a little fun along the way!


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