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The Henry Davis Scholarship Launches

Accomplished High School Student Named Inaugural Scholarship Recipient

Carlson Cantoreggi, of Millis, MA is beginning his first year in the Agriculture Program at Mississippi State University.

"I have high aspirations to dive deeper into arboriculture and make an impact in the field of agriculture. The world we live in today needs more qualified folks in the field. I believe we, as an industry, can inspire a whole new generation of green industry professionals by giving them the exposure to it and the importance of taking care of our most valuable resources. Most people don't realize the many professions they can pursue in this industry and it is important to share those possibilities. Our future depends on it." ~ Carlson


The Henry Davis legacy will live on through the majestic trees that continue to thrive as a result of his care.

Each year we will plant a tree in honor of Henry and the chosen recipient so the benefits of this program will ripple into our communities for all to enjoy.

In celebration of the inaugural gift, a tree will be planted in Oak Grove Park in Millis, MA this fall.

If you would like more information on applying for a future scholarship, please visit our web page at


Thank you Donors!

Our heartfelt thanks goes out to the following people whose contributions helped to launch this program. Without this support, we could not have made our vision a reality.

(as of 8/16/22)

Julie Cox

Dianne and Joseph Barth

Ron Despres, MCA

Reddi Ford & Nancy Lincoln

Matt Foti Landscape Design & Construction, Inc.

CL Frank and Co.

Melissa Gerrity

Madeline Gregory

Robert D. Hall Landscapes & Tree Care

Deborah Howe/Lighthall Co.

Cynthia & Peter Kellogg

Massachusetts Arborists Association

Wendy O’Connor

Cornelia Roberts

Julie Zeitlin


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