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Why We Prune

Pruning has roots in ancient times and the reasons behind pruning are as diverse as the cultures that practiced them.

As arborists and stewards of the urban forest - we see the “why’s” of pruning expanding to become something more than risk reduction or increasing light to the lawn. These motivators too often underlie the short life span of our trees in the fabricated landscape. But expanded visions of “why” we prune can also be used to pave the way for a healthier landscape, a new aesthetic and a new ecology.

Fundamental ‘Why’s’ of Pruning

  • To Optimize health by removing the burden of dead material within the canopy.

  • To Encourage strong architecture for stability and resilience

  • To Maintain overall size or scale of the plant to ensure proper clearance from surrounding structures and pathways.

  • To Rejuvenate old or weak plants.

  • To Encourage maximized Fruiting and Flowering.

If done properly, pruning is one of the most powerful tools we have in the effort to conserve trees in the urban landscape.

Additional Why’s to Consider

  • To Increase habitat. We remove too many trees that could otherwise be retained and manage to increase habitat diversity for animals, insects and other critical organisms like fungi that are part and parcel to a healthy ecosystem.

  • To Produce products for daily life. The production of materials and regeneration of those materials from coppiced and pollarded plant stock.

  • Properly pruned, healthy trees increase economic, health and environmental benefits

Whatever your WHY may be, our certified arborists can help you properly care for these valuable assets.

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